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Targeted Scholarships

We will match you to scholarships based on your interest, talents, grades, level of study and skills. Finding scholarships and bursaries in Jamaica has never been easier.

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Scholarship Administration

Amplify your corporate social impact to education with our custom scholarships and education financing solutions. Bring your vision to life as education changes lives.

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Find a University

Find detailed information on all local universities and colleges: tuition and fees, financial aid and scholarships, academic majors and more. Not sure where you want to go to college?

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Fannie Prince Scholarship

Ms. Fannie Prince Scholarship

The Grace Scholarship Ms. Fannie Prince Scholarship  The Grace Scholarship Fund is proud to announce the Ms. Fannie Prince Scholarship award for 2017.  Ms. Fannie Prince was a jet-black hardworking peasant woman who worked for families. As a domestic worker, she was frequently raped and impregnated by her employers. After escaping her misery she eked

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GOJ tertiary scholarships

$300 Million in GOJ Tertiary Scholarships

  Govt Allocates $300M to Help Needy Tertiary Students Funding Summary The Government of Jamaica has allocated a total of $300 million in GOF tertiary scholarships to help financially-challenged Jamaican students at the University of the West Indies, University of Technology (UTech) and the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI). The funds from the Ministry’s budget will

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gracekennedy scholarship button

Apply For GraceKennedy Scholarship

The Annual GraceKennedy Scholarship Its the time again to start applying for the annual GraceKennedy Scholarship from the GraceKennedy Foundation. The annual GraceKennedy scholarship offered by and through the Gracekennedy Foundation offers funding for grants, scholarships and bursaries.   Each has specific guidelines that must be adhered to if your application is to be considered. All

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JNBS Scholarships

JNBS Scholarships For University

JNBS Scholarships are offered by the annual Jamaica National Building Society scholarship programme. The JNBS Scholarships are awarded to tertiary students residing and attending college or university in Jamaica. The scholarship programme were revised in 2012 to provide greater support to scholarship recipients. A total of 15 tuition scholarships, five (5) each, are awarded to

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saving money

How Do I Get Started Saving Money For College?

For high schools students planning on attending college, it’s safe to say that saving money and discussing money can be a stressful subject. Tuition certainly isn’t cheap in Jamaica, and regardless of your financial situation, thinking about saving money for college can often feel overwhelming. Almost every student has a different financial situation, and so college

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