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University College of the Caribbean University College of the Caribbean Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University College of the Caribbean Scholarships are open to students in any field of study offered by the University College of the Caribbean LOCAL programmes only. All available scholarships have criteria for recipient applicants.

All interested students must have received an acceptance letter from the UCC Registrar Office before an application for scholarship can be submitted. University College of the Caribbean Scholarships applications should be submitted directly to:

Additionally, application forms are available at 34 Old Hope Road, Kingston 5, online, or any of our outreach centers.

Students may also apply for bursaries ranging from $15,000 to $50,000. These bursaries are available for those students just leaving a secondary or vocational level of study and who have already been approved for admission by UCC to an undergraduate programme.

Please take some time to read the following list of scholarships that are currently being offered to UCC prospective and current students by clicking on the following link: University College of the Caribbean Scholarship Directory

Important information for the completion of the UCC Foundation

University College of the Caribbean Scholarships Application form Attached:

The University College of the Caribbean provides several scholarship opportunities for eligible students based on need, academic records and extra-curricular activities: school/community involvement, volunteer activities and leadership positions held.

The criteria for each of these scholarships are detailed individually on the Scholarship Directory found on the UCC website at:

The Application Form

All persons seeking scholarship assistance are required to complete the General Scholarship Application Form. This form has a check-list of requirements detailed below. Failure to provide all the required information will jeopardize a scholarship applicant’s opportunity.

Scholarship awards are not automatic, nor do they generally cover the entire cost of a degree programme. Students are therefore encouraged to actively seek alternative and/or concurrent sources of funding for their tuition and associated fees.

Check -list: All of the following must form part of the application package submitted. Failure to provide all the requirements will result in an application being considered “incomplete”.

  • A recent passport size photograph.
  • UCC acceptance letter from the Registrar or proof of current enrollment.
  • Copy of Wage Stub (Pay Slip), Tax verification or letter explaining the lack of such evidence
  • Current GPA report from University or High School (whichever is applicable).
  • At least two (2) reference letters regarding the applicant’s character from a notable person in your community (teacher, pastor, employer, etc)
  • If the applicant is a current student or continuing student, the Counsellor/Programme Coordinator Report in the application must be completed and signed.
  • Copies of awards or certificates
  • Copy of CXC results
  • Completed personal essay, outlining the need for the scholarship.
  • Where possible, evidence of community service (awards, letters acknowledging participation).

The Application Process

  • Once completed, the application should be sent to:

Scholarships | UCC Foundation

34 Old Hope Road | Kingston 5

Tel: 665-3968 | Email: scholarships

Completed applications are reviewed and the most eligible persons are then scheduled for an interview by a Scholarship Awards Committee. Scholarships are awarded based on the need expressed in the completed application which form part of evidence of eligibility and the interview. Scholarship awardees will be called shortly after the interview to be advised of their award.

External Scholarships tenable at UCC:

In addition to UCC sponsored scholarships, external scholarship opportunities tenable at UCC exist from institutions such as Carreras, Digicel and VMBS. UCC makes every attempt to make all students aware of these opportunities by email and/ or by posting new opportunities on the UCC web site and placing posters from these companies on our bulletin board across all campuses.

A completed General Scholarship Application Form and interview by the joint/Scholarship Review Committee are requirements for some Scholarships such as the Digicel and VMBS scholarships. These applications must be completed as stipulated above.

A UCC Scholarship application form is not required when a sponsoring entity requires applicants to go through their own application and interview processes.

University College of the Caribbean Scholarships and Financial Aid
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University College of the Caribbean Scholarships and Financial Aid
The University College of the Caribbean scholarships, bursaries and financial aid opportunities are available for locally enrolled students.
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