Can I Get a Scholarship With Four CAPE Subjects?

Can I get a scholarship with four CAPE subjects?

Career Advisor: Carolyn Marie Smith

Dear Career Advisor:

I recently received my CSEC results showing I obtained seven distinctions. I am now moving on to sixth form to do the CAPE . It is customary to do four pairs of CAPE units at the end of the two-year sixth form programme, but I keep hearing people saying that to get a scholarship doing more units is necessary. This obviously comes with more cost and time, but if it is necessary, I will do so. What do you think about that notion? Do I need to do more subjects to secure a tertiary scholarship?

Kymani R.

Dear Kymani:

Congratulations on your outstanding performance in the CSEC exams. The results are indicative that you are well poised for future successes. We hope that you will remain highly motivated and driven as you advance to complete the next phase of your academic journey.

By now, you would have begun your sixth form programme and would therefore have at your disposal competent people who are able to give you individualized guidance regarding your concern. We are recommending that you meet and speak with your assigned sixth form coordinator or your guidance counsellor who will not only guide you through the process of subject selection but will also provide guidance on the number of subjects that will put you in good stead for scholarship opportunities that are in line with your career goal.

Typically, four CAPE subjects form the minimum course load for sixth formers. Doing more than four double-units might help to position you to gain a competitive advantage for some scholarship opportunities.

Bear in mind, however, that while excellent grades are essential, donors of scholarships that are based on academic merit look for much more in candidates. To increase your chances of securing the best scholarship opportunities, begin your preparation by focusing on self-development and excellence in all you do. Here are a few tips for your preparation:

  • Academic Excellence — strive to be on the honour roll each year
  • Volunteer — get involved in organised community service or independent community activities. Always seek for ways to serve.
  • Extra-curricular activities — remain active in extra and co-curricular activities
  • Communication skills — develop excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Motivation to succeed — Have a passion for personal success
  • Guard your online reputation — Ensure that your online identity is complimentary and professional.

All the best!



Career Advisor

Carolyn Marie Smith is associate vice-president of student services at Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville, Manchester. Submit your questions to her at [email protected]

Can I Get a Scholarship With Four CAPE Subjects?
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Can I Get a Scholarship With Four CAPE Subjects?
Carolyn Marie Smith is associate vice-president of student services at NCU in Mandeville addresses scholarship query about CAPE subjects.
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