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Ways to Organize Your Resume

  By Lily Zhang You’ve quantified your bullet points, you’ve curated your skills section, and you’ve proofread it from top to bottom. Sounds like your resume’s all set to go and you have fully organize your resume, right? Almost! There’s actually one more step—and that’s putting all the sections in the correct order. Like with

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cover letter

10 Things You Shouldn’t Write in Your Cover Letter

10 Things You Shouldn’t Write in Your Cover Letter Who loves writing cover letter? Anyone? I understand the silence after this question. When you’re supposed to describe your passions, interests, qualifications, and skills in a formal letter, it seems like you’re losing yourself. That doesn’t make sense: you’re trying to describe everything you are and

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Jamaican student cops Miami University law scholarship

Living Large Abroad | Jamaican student cops Miami university law scholarship He failed twice in his quest to matriculate to the Norman Manley Law School in St Andrew. That, however, opened the door for Stephen Rampaul to enrol at the St Thomas University of Law in Miami, Florida, where he was awarded a scholarship to

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A-QuEST Jamaican scientist creates history

A-QuEST Past Student Dr. Gavin Jones Among 100 Leading Global Thinkers Jamaican Scientist Dr. Gavin Jones an A-Quest past student created history last night when he became the first Jamaican named among Foreign Policy magazine’s 100 Leading Global Thinkers. Jones shared the award with his IBM research colleague Jeannette Garcia for developing a process to

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Internship As Work Experience

Does internship count as work experience? Taken from a column in the pertaining to internship opportunities. Dear Career Advisor: I am in my final year at college and I have never had a job. I have noticed that almost all job advertisements ask for previous work experience. I am considering taking an internship before

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6 Things to Remove From Your Resume

These are 6 things to remove from your resume ASAP to be more competitive in the local job market from a resume coach. We all talk a fair game about what needs to be on your resume, but there’s also plenty of stuff that should be removed. The fluff. The blabber. The full-on oddities. And even some of the details you think are important.

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