Dennis Cohen Scholarship

Dennis Cohen ScholarshipDeadline for the Dennis Cohen Scholarship is Monday, October 31, 2016

Number of Award(s): One

Value: $300,000.00

Maximum Tenure: One (1) Year

Eligibility for the Dennis Cohen Scholarship

The Dennis Cohen Scholarship award is available to  full time registered students who are: 

  • Pursuing a three (3) year degree programme
  • Under 25 years of age


The Dennis Cohen Scholarship award will be based on: 

  • Outstanding academic record 
  • Demonstrable financial need
  • Demonstrable community involvement and leadership qualities

Method of Selection

Selection of the student will be made by a Committee of evaluators from the UWI and should include the Donor, in accordance with the criteria outlined in the Schedule which shall be read as one with the Agreement for the Dennis Cohen Scholarship.


The successful candidate shall not be the holder or recipient of any other scholarship covering tuition costs. 

How To Apply

Download the application form here. Complete and return to the Office of Student Financing by the stipulated deadline.

Special Requirements

Application shall be accompanied with the following documents:

  1. UWI application and acceptance letters;
  2. CAPE & CXC scores;
  3. high school transcript or UWI transcript (in the case of 2nd or 3rd year applicants)
  4. one page essay on the applicant’s educational goals;
  5. two character references;
  6. certified copy of birth certificate or registration certificate.

Source of Application Forms

Application forms are available only on the web. Click to download the application form and instruction sheet.

The application form must be completed regardless of the type of assistance in which the student is interested. Applications will be considered by the Financial Assistance Committee who will, based on the information provided by the student, determine which type of assistance will be offered.

 Persons from whom references may be obtained

Page 6 of the application form may be completed by:

  • Senior member of the UWI academic staff (e.g. lecturer) 
  • Student Services & Development Managers (SSDM)
  • UWI Counselors (Health Center)
  • Justices of the Peace
  • Ministers of Religion
  • High School Principals/Vice Principals 
  • Guidance Counsellors

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