How do I get my scholarship money?

Scholarship MoneyAre you ready to collect your scholarship money?

Your scholarship money is yours upon selection as a winner. On some occasions you will be required to attend a scholarship handover ceremony or a meet and greet to collect your scholarship award.

Whatever it is, your award will be in the form of a cheque – most times payable to your school/college or university. Although, in some cases, the donor may make the cheques payable to the student. There are instances where donors, especially scholarship donors of small awards may surrender cash directly to you the scholarship winner. My first scholarship award was an envelope with JM$7,500 cash that I use to pay for my CXC subjects back in 1997/1998.

Additionally, getting your scholarship money depends on the scholarship. The money might go directly to your college, where it will be applied to any tuition, fees, or other amounts you owe, and then any leftover funds given to you. Or it might be sent directly to you in a check. The scholarship provider should tell you what to expect when it informs you that you have been awarded the scholarship. If not, make sure to ask.

Easy Scholarship Money

You are still not clear on how you get your scholarship money? Let’s take it from another angle, because giving you a better understanding of this phase of the scholarship administration and delivery process is essential to us. There is so many times we receive emails and calls from parents and students requesting information as to how they will receive their awards.

A good example was through our previous Scholarship Management Programme offered by the Soraya Amy Jackson Foundation. Ten students were selected as winners for awards of JM$50,000 each. The students were required to submit the name, address and contact information of the school and Programme they were enrolled in. Our Scholarship Administrators then contact each school of the winners, confirm enrollment and generated cheques payable to the schools.

These cheques are then debited to each student’s administrative accounts to cover their tuition or any required fees. The student awardees can request reimbursement from their school if and only if after receipt of the scholarship, all their fees are covered.

This last process will be a transaction between the institution and you the awardee.

Last but not least, if a particular scholarship is payable directly to the student, the cheque can only be made out to an individual over eighteen (18) years with a national ID and a valid bank or credit union account.

From our experiences, some students request that their cheques be payable to their parent or guardian.

We hope that this was of help to you in understanding your role as a scholarship award recipient and what to expect in the scholarship distribution process. For additional information, please free to drop us an email or call and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

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How do I get my scholarship money?
Article Name
How do I get my scholarship money?
Your scholarship money is yours as soon as you are selected as a winner. You may attend a ceremony or a meet and greet to collect your award.
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