HEART launches Absorptive Capacity programme


Prime Minister Andrew Holness and chairman of the HEART Trust/NTA Maxine P Wilson greet each other at Thursday morning’s launch of the organisation’s Adaptive Capacity Programme. (Photo: Joseph Wellington)

HEART launches three-year Absorptive Capacity programme

Approximately 10,000 HEART Trust/NTA trainees are slated to benefit from a three-year Absorptive Capacity programme which is to commence on April 1, 2017 in select tertiary institutions across the island. Students are to undergo skills training offered in industry-driven areas targeted for economic growth including Business Process Outsourcing, Agriculture, Transportation and Logistics and Hospitality Services. The programme is being implemented through a partnership between the Joint Committee for Tertiary Education (JCTE) and the HEART Trust/NTA in light of demands for increased access to higher learning skills training opportunities.

The announcement was made at the programme’s launch on Thursday, February 2, 2017 at the Courtyard Hotel by Marriott in Kingston. The initiative is designed to expand access to National Vocational Qualification of Jamaica (NVQ-J) and the Caribbean Vocational Qualification(CVQ) certification programmes.

Keynote speaker at the launch, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, said the Government was determined to break the cycle of poverty and the HEART Trust/NTA had a key role to play in the move to provide Jamaicans with access to income, amenities and information. “HEART plays a big role in reducing inter-generational poverty in Jamaica as it cuts across all three dimensions. It is a critical tool of the Government in addressing poverty,” said the prime minister.

In endorsing the project Minister of Education, Youth and Information Senator Ruel Reid lauded the JCTE and HEART Trust/NTA for the inclusive programme. “We do not want any child to be left behind and we have to provide the framework for our students to be trained and certified. I believe we have the capacity to make Jamaica the mecca for higher education in the western hemisphere,” declared Minister Reid.

Chairman of the HEART Trust/NTA Maxine P Wilson said she was pleasedTVET has gained the respect and recognition that it deserves in the Jamaican economy. “We have infused technical vocational education and training in secondary institutions across the island and now, thanks to our partnership with the JCTE, the HEART Trust/NTA’s TVET programmes will be offered in 17 JCTE-member tertiary level institutions islandwide,” said the HEART chairman.

The Absorptive Capacity project will be offered in JCTE institutions, including community and teachers colleges, the Western Hospitality Institute, Northern Caribbean University, MICO University College, International University of the Caribbean, College of Agriculture, Science and Education and the Caribbean Maritime Institute.

In his remarks, Dr Cecil Cornwall, chairman of the JCTE, said it was important to disrupt the traditional education narrative and recognise the value of being technically competent. He stated that the programme will help to accommodate a portion of the 40-50,000 high school students who graduate annually.

First published in the JamaicaObserver

HEART launches Absorptive Capacity programme
Article Name
HEART launches Absorptive Capacity programme
HEART Trust/NTA launches a new three-year Absorptive Capacity programme slated to benefit over 10K trainees commencing on April 1, 2017
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