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There are students who, without a Northern Caribbean University financial aid of some kind, would be unable to attend university, and it is for such individuals that the Department of Marketing, and the Department of Grants and Scholarship of Northern Caribbean University are intended. Outlined below are the major means of financial assistance. In selecting students to receive such Northern Caribbean University financial aid, the university also gives consideration to their citizenship and academic achievement.

Sources of NCU Financial Aid

The team at have researched and complied a comprehensive list of genuine scholarships, grants and bursaries that students of the Northern Caribbean University are qualified for and those that are targeted to enrolled students of this prestigious institution. Click the above link to access these are other financial aid opportunities. Please note that our general scholarships or open scholarships category are awards available to students of ALL local institution – including the NCU.

Literature Evangelists Scholarship

The university participates in the Seventh-day Adventist Student Literature Evangelist Programmes, about which information may be obtained from local conferences and ministers, or from the Colporteur Club of the university.

It is the responsibility of students who are benefiting from the scholarship programmes to ensure that the appropriate conference confirms in writing to the university the existence of a scholarship in their name. Otherwise, the students will be required to meet their obligations through regular payments.

Academic Scholarships

Several academic departments are the recipients of annual academic assistance scholarships provided by alumni and other supporters of the university. The scholarships are awarded annually to students in those departments who meet eligibility requirements. To find out what scholarships are available, check with the Department of Scholarships, Grants and Loans, and the department of Enrolment Services and Corporate Alliance.

Special Scholarships

Supporting organizations such as banks, corporations and other entities, make scholarships available to students who meet certain requirements. These scholarships are generally advertised through the sponsoring organizations. Various other scholarships for academic performance, freshman scholarships, graduation from Seventh-day Adventist high schools, alumni awards and for students enrolled in specific disciplines, are also available. Check with the department chair, the dean of the college to which they are applying, or with the department of Alumni Relations and Planned Giving for current information and details.

Incentive Awards

The enrolment Services Department makes incentive awards to students who recruit a certain number of full fee-paying students to attend the university. The amount of the award and the eligibility requirements are modified each year. Students should check with the department to find out availability and the requirements for the year in which they have been accepted.

Student Loans

Loans are available through the Students’ Loan Bureau. To be qualified, students must have been fully accepted and matriculated for a full course of study at the university. Students’ Loan applications are made directly to the Bureau. Application dates and eligibility requirements are advertised in the local newspapers.

Prospective students are strongly advised to consult with the Students’ Loan Bureau for details and dates of application. Students who are granted loans (which must be repaid after graduation), may also qualify for Grant In Aid toward housing, transportation and living expenses. This amount is generally not repayable to the Bureau, but must be used for the purposes specified. Students may also contact the department of Enrolment Services for details and application forms (There is a fee for the application forms).

University Loans

A limited number of loans are available to final year students who are having difficulty with finances. Students are required to sign a loan agreement, and these loans must be repaid within two years after graduation.

Northern Caribbean University Financial Aid
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Northern Caribbean University Financial Aid
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