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Apply For GraceKennedy Scholarship

The Annual GraceKennedy Scholarship Its the time again to start applying for the annual GraceKennedy Scholarship from the GraceKennedy Foundation. The annual GraceKennedy scholarship offered by and through the Gracekennedy Foundation offers funding for grants, scholarships and bursaries.   Each has specific guidelines that must be adhered to if your application is to be considered. All

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Rameesh Ramsay Finds New Beginning in RUBiS InPulse Art Project

WHEN Rameesh Ramsay convinced his teacher to include him in the group of students who would participate in the InPulse Art Project — a visual art programme by RUBiS Energy Jamaica — he had no idea how much it would change his life. Working on the project, which is run by RUBiS Energy Jamaica and the

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