5 Tips for Scholarship Success

The 5 most important tips for scholarship success in Jamaica are simple and may have occurred to you before.

Not surprisingly, it’s estimated that over $800 million of the $1.28 billion available each year in scholarship dollars goes unclaimed, according to an estimate completed by the ScholarshipJamaica.com  Tips Team. Don’t miss out on your share – check out these 5 tips for applying for scholarships in Jamaica and throughout the world of scholarship application:

5 Tips for Applying for Scholarships in Jamaica

1. Know where to look

Check your college or university’s financial aid department for potential scholarships. Take advantage of online resources such as scholarshipjamaica.com that match you to available scholarships. And, if you are in high school, check to see what scholarships are available to graduating students. In today’s access to college or university – their website are a major access point and this is where you will find the best scholarship opportunities. Check out our university specific scholarship for local universities.

2. Be open-minded

Not all scholarships are based on academic standing. Some scholarships reward civic engagement, leadership experience, your heritage, affiliations, or a particular skill. Start with your church, community club and organization in your field of interest.

3. Tap your network

You may find scholarships are offered by your employer, your parents employer, sports league, sports club or your bank or credit union. Ask your parents if their employers offer scholarships to children of employees.

4. Plan ahead and start early

Be prepared to spend time filling out scholarship criteria. There are often essays, questionnaires and school transcripts to submit, so give yourself enough time to prepare. Early bird gets the first worms.

5. Be thorough

Proofread your application and ensure you followed all the instructions. Ask friends and family to review your application as well before you send it.

ScholarshipJamica.com publishes over 5200 different scholarship valued in excess of $1.28 billion for local and international studies. The sources of our scholarships are from government ministries, college and universities, large and small foundation, financial institutions other conglomerates and individuals.

5 Tips for Scholarship Success
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5 Tips for Scholarship Success
Scholarship tips: It's estimated that over $800 million of the $1.28 billion available each year in academic scholarship dollars goes unclaimed in Jamaica.
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