CB Facey Foundation Scholarships

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CB Facey Foundation Scholarships fund six college tuitions

Six university students recently had their tuition fees for the year paid in full by CB Facey Foundation Scholarships, the charitable arm of Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Limited (Pan-Jam).

Winners of the CB Facey Foundation Scholarships are local students — second-year Master’s students of the Caribbean School of Architecture at the University of Technology Jamaica Lionel Spence, Richard Josephs, Mahew MacFarlane, and Michael McFarlane; and Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts fine arts major Lydia Denny and Education major Shaniek Barclay — were hosted at a handover luncheon in the Pan-Jam boardroom in Kingston on Wednesday, October 26.

Prior to the handover, the recipients and their lecturers were treated to a guided tour of Pan-Jam’s art collection created by Miriam Hinds-Smith, acting director of the School of Visual Arts at Edna Manley College. She was the first recipient of the CB Facey Foundation scholarships from Edna Manley College.

They also got the chance to view works by Barrington Watson, JB Kidd, Edna Manley, Colin Garland, Richard Montgomery, Mallica ‘Kapa’ Reynolds, Laura Facey, and George Rodney interspersed among the work spaces, and watched the company’s documentary

Strong Legacy Powerful Future.

The “the strong legacy powerful future” is a 22-minute documentary was commissioned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the private equity company and its rationale for giving back.

Stephen Facey, chairman of the CB Facey foundation and chairman and CEO of Pan-Jam, encouraged the students seize this opportunity to pursue their studies with integrity, and appreciating the blessing bestowed on them.

“Today, the CB Facey Foundation has placed within your grasp the tools to improve yourself, your family, and this nation,” Facey said.

The CB Facey foundation has been overseeing Pan-Jam’s corporate social responsibility programmes for over 30 years. It invests in arts and education through relationships the National Gallery of Jamaica; Boys’ Town Infant and Primary School; the University of Technology, Jamaica; and Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts.

Cecil Boswell Facey, for whom the foundation is named, is an architect of the CB Facey Foundation Scholarships and is the 2016 patron of the Caribbean School of Architecture.

CB Facey Foundation Scholarships fund six college tuitions
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CB Facey Foundation Scholarships fund six college tuitions
CB Facey Foundation Scholarships were offered six university students recently.CB Facey Foundation is the charitable arm of Pan-Jam.
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