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Apply for the Joan Duncan ScholarshipJoan Duncan Scholarship:

Apply for the Joan Duncan Scholarship for the 2015/2016 academic year! The Joan Duncan Foundation to Award Over $J1M in New Scholarships for the 2015/2016 academic year.

Joan Duncan Scholarships that are offered by the Joan Duncan Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the JMMB Group, will award over J$ 1M in new scholarships for the new academic year; following the opening of its scholarship application process, which runs from March 1 to May 30.

Joan Duncan Scholarships are available to well-rounded individuals pursuing studies at the secondary and tertiary level as evidenced by their involvement in school or community activities or a service club, coupled with verifiable financial need and demonstration of high academic performance.

These new Joan Duncan Scholarship awards will supplement the over twenty scholarships totaling over J$3M, which were awarded by the Joan Duncan Foundation for the 2014/15 academic year to students islandwide.

Kim Mair, CEO of the Foundation explains, “we remain committed to the development of youth through education, as we see it as a vehicle for transformation and advancement. I am proud of the progress of the recipients, who with the assistance of the Foundation have attained excellence in their studies. With this in mind we want to continue to offer the Joan Duncan scholarships so that other youths can fulfill their potential.”

Joan Duncan Scholarship Winners

Loya Haughton, one of the Joan Duncan scholarship recipients praised the Foundation for the financial assistance they provided to offset her tuition and exam fees during her final year in high school. She notes, “this enabled me to continue my education and I am now looking forward to attending UWI, Mona to pursue my degree in Computer Science.”

With the financial support of the Joan Duncan Foundation, Haughton was able to excel in her academics and was among the top 10 performers in Jamaica for: Law, Computer Science and Spanish for Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) Unit 1. Additionally, her outstanding academic performance has not compromised her involvement in extra-curricular activities which includes: fitness club, the Honour Society and Modern Languages Club.

All recipients of the Joan Duncan scholarship funding from the Foundation are invited to partake in transformational leadership training, through workshops organized by the Foundation. These workshops are designed to help individuals realize their full potential, reshape their relationships and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, while living in an extraordinary way.

In a continued effort to support nation-building, the Joan Duncan Foundation, remains dedicated to educational initiatives, entrepreneurship, institutional strengthening and community development, which the Foundation believes are critical to transforming and empowering individuals to maximize their potential.

Details of the Joan Duncan scholarship application process are available on the Foundation’s website at

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