A Scholarship Letter From a Scholarship

Scholarship Letter

A scholarship letter from a scholarship is an introduction to scholarships and the scholarship application process for students and parents.

This is a Scholarship Letter From a Scholarship

The following is a scholarship letter from a scholarship aimed at introducing itself (a scholarship) to parents and students enrolled or in the process to be enrolled at a Primary School, High School, Community College, Vocational Institute or University – it doesn’t matter the level of study.

The aim of the scholarship letter is to simplify what scholarships are, the scholarship application process and how easy it is to access them in an effort to pay for college/university and remain debt free as a young professional student. Lets go, go ahead and have a read, share with your friends and classmates and change the scholarship industry in Jamaica.

Dear Students and Parents,

This is a letter from a scholarship! This is your official invitation to get to know scholarships.  I, the under-sign is a scholarship; some call me awards, grants, bursary or financial aid. In fact, I am all of those. Wikipedia refer to me as an award of financial aid for a student to further their education. I am awarded based on various criteria, which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award.

Scholarship money is not required to be repaid. Bottom line is, I am free – no catch! It’s very important that you get to know my friends and I, every year; we go unused or un-applied. We feel so lonely sometimes. We want you guys to use us, let us help you pay for college. Many companies, foundations, schools, clubs, associations, government ministries, embassies, and individuals all offer us to you every year.

At last weigh-in, Scholarships weighed almost JMD$4.2billion with over 5000 of us in Jamaica alone. Isn’t that a lot? We are obese with free money. We are such a big secret. We are so unused, unwanted and unknown that the guys at scholarshipjamaica.com saw the need to develop a scholarship resource just for us; this website showcases over 5000 of us, explain how to find and used us with instant access to us.

It seems as if Jamaican students are so rich, they have no use for us, scholarships, which are free money. In the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, other Caribbean Countries and South America, all have an intimate relationship with us. For students in those countries, we are the most important part of their college selection, application and enrollment process. We are a “big deal business” in those countries.

Why we are not a big deal or a sort after commodity here in Jamaica?

This letter from a scholarship is a plea! We don’t want to be lonely in Jamaica anymore. We are offered to all students at the primary, high school or college/university level. Make the move and go immediately to your guidance councilors, financial aid or student services office, church, employer, Minister of Parliament, Libraries, community groups and other civic groups and ask about us.

When all else fail, visit the guys at scholarshipjamaica.com and you will find us. Additionally, though impossible, if you don’t reach us then, google us! Google ‘scholarships in Jamaica or Google ‘letter from a scholarship‘ and we will be there waiting on you.


See you guys soon.


Yours truly,


scholarshipja@gmail.com | www.scholarshipJamaica.com




A Letter from a Scholarship
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A Letter from a Scholarship
A scholarship letter from a scholarship is an introduction to scholarships and the scholarship application process for students and parents.