Apps for International Students

Must-Have Apps for International Students

Some of these apps for international students  help students search for and apply to universities and scholarship opportunities in the U.S. and other countries.

Finding and applying to global universities can be time-consuming and overwhelming. But a handful of mobile apps for international students can help ease the process for prospective international students wanting to explore and prepare for college overseas.

Here are some must-have mobile apps to keep prospective international students on track and in the know.

1. Searching for universities: Students searching for a global university and scholarships can use free apps for international students to help with the process.

The Schoold app, for instance, lets users search for more than 3,000 U.S. schools, says Allison Winston, the company’s vice president. They can search by name, location, major or career and view enrollment stats such as student-to-faculty ratio, diversity, average starting and midcareer salaries for each major, cost of attendance, available scholarships and grants, and loan information. They can also chat live with experienced coaches.

For students interested in studying in the United Kingdom, the UKStudyMap app provides a map of the U.K. that displays all the universities and colleges. Students can search for U.K. institutions by subject or location.

2. Preparing for English-language tests: Before international students can apply to universities in English-speaking countries, they are often required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language or the International English Language Testing System exam, both of which measure students’ English proficiency.

“It not only provides definitions of words but also gives examples of their use in sentences, which is especially beneficial for non-native speakers of English,” says Yarova. “In addition, it doesn’t overwhelm with all possible meanings of a word, focusing only on the main one that is most likely to be found in the TOEFL context.”

International students found the free Magoosh TOEFL Vocabulary Flashcards app particularly helpful for strengthening their English language skills and preferred it over other similar apps. The TOEFL app is helpful as it contained literally majority of the words that are asked in vocabulary questions of the actual TOEFL test.

3. Scholarship Search: Of course we have to recommend our own scholarship database for international students, although we have not yet launched our scholarship app for Jamaican local and study abroad students.  Apps for International Students especially to search, apply and win scholarships are available mostly for study in the USA students. The Scholly App is one of the most downloaded and used scholarship app that our international students have successfully used.

Another apps for international students with concentration with the European region scholarship opportunities is the Scholarships for International Students mobile app. Get them in the app store on your tablet or smart phone and win scholarships!

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