2016 JSIF Awards

JSIF AwardsJSIF awards $26m in scholarships

JSIF awards are annual tuition financing help for needy students in selected parishes by the Poverty Reduction Programme.

The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), which implements the Poverty Reduction Programme (PRP), recently awarded $26m in tuition assistance to 99 tertiary students from the parishes of Kingston, St Andrew, Clarendon, St Catherine and St James.

The recognition ceremony took place at the Knutsford Court Hotel two weeks ago.

PRP is jointly funded by the European Union and the Government of Jamaica. It seeks, through several sub-projects, to improve the quality of life of the members of over 40 communities in the aforementioned parishes. This is done through infrastructural and social development initiatives which aim to engender an environment that fosters economic viability and is violence-free.

The JSIF Skills Training Vocational Scholarships were offered to qualified Jamaican applicants. Applications are eligible for the current academic year of the total budget of approximately JMD $10Million, recipients will receive a maximum of JMD$200,000 each.

The JSIF Skills Training Vocational Scholarships are open to eligible students ( aged 17-25 years) attending a locally accredited HEART Certified Institutions in the parishes listed below. The JSIF Skills Training Vocational Scholarships are also open to eligible persons (aged 17-25 years) who wish to pursue skills training in the following courses:

  • Bakery Chef
  • Data Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Housekeeping, Linen Room attendant, Court Reporters
  • Digital Animation
  • Pest Control Management
  • Computer Repairs & Maintenance
  • Property Maintenance, Landscape & Grounds Maintenance
  • Certified Nurse’s Aide
  • Food Handling Practices & Procedures
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