What is Scholarship Value?

scholarship valueWhat is the Scholarship Value of my Award?

A scholarship value is based on the donor’s preference and the field and level of study. The values of a scholarship or grant vary but are equally important to cover the cost of one’s education. A scholarship might cover the entire cost of your tuition, or it might be a one-time award of a few thousand dollars. Either way, it’s worth applying for, because it will help reduce the cost of your education.

As scholarship administrators, we at ScholarshipJasmaica.com has helped hundreds of individuals and companies to design, define their scholarship value and administrator various type of scholarships on an annual basis. Most likely if you are reading this article, you have benefited or applied for a scholarship program we have administered in Jamaica.

Our recommendation to students and their parents are to apply to every type of scholarship value from the smallest like the Soraya Amy Jackson Foundation Scholarship Program to the largest – such as the annual Carreras scholarship program. The more you apply the better you get and though they may value small amounts, they add up.

One of the most common errors of students-in-search of Jamaican scholarships is refusing to apply for small scholarships. My advice to you is to remember the saying “one one cocoa full basket”. Smaller scholarships may seem un-impactful at first but imagine if you can spend less than one hour to apply for ten (10) small awards at JM$5000 each. That is JM$50,000 in one hour versus taking a day or two to prepare and apply for one (1) JM$50,000 scholarship that will definitely be more competitive because of its value.

The new trend in Jamaican scholarships administration from smaller donors is in the form of small awards to an increase number of winners. For instance, a donor may donate JM$100,000 to be distributed to ten to twenty (10-20) student awardees – JM$5,000 to JM$10,000 each.

The thinking is at, administering a program with a similar solution as the above scenario, the donor is able to contribute to the education of 10-20 families that can be spread island wide. You might look and say “but dis caa cova mi school fee!”- Yes, you are right, this won’t be able to cover your tuition fee, but it surely can cover the cost of books, travelling and some college administrative fees.

As I have written in My First Scholarship, I worked my way to a JM$7,000 scholarship award to cover the cost of my CXC subjects while attending Seaforth High School in St. Thomas. As I said then I will say it again – you can be like me in winning free Jamaican Scholarships money to cover the cost of your education.

Imagine winning 5 –10 of these types of Jamaican scholarships, that’s JM$50,000 to JM$100,000. It’s now up to you, what are you going to do?

What is Scholarship Value?
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What is Scholarship Value?
Scholarship value is based on the donor’s preference & the field and level of study. In this article we disclose the various value advantages.
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